Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun

We spent the Thanksgiving holidays at Disney World!  It was a blast!!!  It was the first Disney trip for the little ones, and it really was magical.  They loved seeing the characters, riding the rides, watching parades, and everything else too!  Everything was fine until the ride home, when the little ones expressed their tiredness and unlove of carseats for several loud hours on the ride home.  And, as is my usual, there are lots of pictures to follow.

The little ones were not quite sure about getting too close to Buzz!

This is the new waiting area for Dumbo..

W loves pin trading!

Meeting Minnie Mouse

My little Mickey... (I sewed the red pants onto a long sleeved tee shirt and added the big buttons.)

My Minnie...  (I had to combine a few patterns and ideas for this one.)


Meeting Mickey

Double Trouble

Goofy ("Guffy" according to the twins.)

The family...

A family that pin trades together, goes broke together...

Sleep M

I love this picture!

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