Saturday, January 12, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Do you ever feel like you will never complete everything that you know you reeeally need to get done?  That has been the story of my life since I went back to working full time.  My job is fine, but it seems to take up the bulk of my day when I have other stuff that I need to be doing.  This undone stuff includes fun stuff (playing with the kidlets, sewing, knitting, playing with craft supplies) and not so fun stuff (laundry, mopping, tubs and toilets).  I have been struggling to find a way to get it all done and have failed so far.  But, today, I am going to do a bit of catching up on here.

We have obviously had some time without a proper blog visit, so I am going to spend a bit of time today playing catch up.  I will not be posting everything that has happened, been made, or gone crazy, but I will try to hit the fun and major stuff!  So, watch out for the next few days, and posts will be popping up!

See you soon!

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