Friday, January 18, 2013

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

The little ones were super excited about Santa this year.  M said that he will bring "peasants."  D thinks it will be toys.  We all got in the pictures!

 We also found out shortly after this, while still in the car....

             M can open candy canes!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun

We spent the Thanksgiving holidays at Disney World!  It was a blast!!!  It was the first Disney trip for the little ones, and it really was magical.  They loved seeing the characters, riding the rides, watching parades, and everything else too!  Everything was fine until the ride home, when the little ones expressed their tiredness and unlove of carseats for several loud hours on the ride home.  And, as is my usual, there are lots of pictures to follow.

The little ones were not quite sure about getting too close to Buzz!

This is the new waiting area for Dumbo..

W loves pin trading!

Meeting Minnie Mouse

My little Mickey... (I sewed the red pants onto a long sleeved tee shirt and added the big buttons.)

My Minnie...  (I had to combine a few patterns and ideas for this one.)


Meeting Mickey

Double Trouble

Goofy ("Guffy" according to the twins.)

The family...

A family that pin trades together, goes broke together...

Sleep M

I love this picture!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Creche Festival 2012

Creche is a fancy word for a nativity scene.  That makes it so much easier to pronounce!  Anyway, last year my mom and I took the kids to the Creche Festival at Mepkin Abbey.  It was awesome!  Every year they have different nativities beautifully displayed and it really sets the mood for a calmer, more focused Christmas season.  The twins and W all loved it, but this time around, we made it a ladies trip.  My mom, her friend, me, and one of my friends made a day of it.  We had a blast!  We took tons of pictures of the nativities, and plan to go back to enjoy the Abbey grounds in the spring.  The whole place is gorgeous!  So, pictures....

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Halloween 2012

There is very little to really say about Halloween.  I found M's Jessie costume at a yard sale, and her boots came from the Disney store.  I made D's shirt, vest, and neckerchief.  I still had W's old Woody accessories, so D used those to finish out his costume.  W was a different version of Mario this year, so I made him a tail and added ears to his hat.  Now, be warned...  The rest of this is pictures!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Do you ever feel like you will never complete everything that you know you reeeally need to get done?  That has been the story of my life since I went back to working full time.  My job is fine, but it seems to take up the bulk of my day when I have other stuff that I need to be doing.  This undone stuff includes fun stuff (playing with the kidlets, sewing, knitting, playing with craft supplies) and not so fun stuff (laundry, mopping, tubs and toilets).  I have been struggling to find a way to get it all done and have failed so far.  But, today, I am going to do a bit of catching up on here.

We have obviously had some time without a proper blog visit, so I am going to spend a bit of time today playing catch up.  I will not be posting everything that has happened, been made, or gone crazy, but I will try to hit the fun and major stuff!  So, watch out for the next few days, and posts will be popping up!

See you soon!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still here, sort of...

I haven't fallen completely off the earth, but it seems close.  The new job has changed all of the routines and schedules in our house, so it has been really crazy.  Not bad, just crazy. And, I am still computerless.  I just wanted to stop in and show that I am still alive.  I hope to get some projects on here soon!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


My computer is dead.  It had a good 7 years, and I was lucky enough to have backed up almost everything recently.  But, it does leave me without a computer of my own.  I have access to a borrowed one, but it just isn't the same.  I am not sure what this really means for my posting future until I procure a new computer.  I can't do much with pictures on the borrowed.  And.....  I started a new job last week.  A real, full time, back to work job.  It is kicking my behind.  I can do the job fine, but the long days without the kiddos and the crazy short evenings with the kiddos are tough.  We will have to see what it brings.

But, I did finish some stuff.  I finished a blanket for my cousin, and I am still working on the pattern for his robe.  I finished llamas for D and M.  They love the Llama Llama books, so I made them stuffed llamas like he carries.  I will get some pictures of those on here!  And, I finished a test shirt for M.  It was a learning shirt so that I can sew D's Halloween costume and have a clue what I am doing.

In other not so fun news, M's finger is infected.  We are not sure how it got that way, but I am leaning towards her picking it, as she picks everything else.  She has to be on oral and topical meds.  It looks gross and she feels rotten.  I hope it gets all better soon!